About Us

Seal It Services is a US-based manufacturer and industry leader in the development of professional silicone polymer technologies and premium construction adhesives and building chemicals. Our parent company, Bond It, is one of the largest independent manufacturers of building chemicals and construction materials in the UK, supplying a wide range of tried and tested brands for over 20 years.
Seal It Services offers exceptional quality, performance, and value to our customers by focusing on efficient manufacturing and supply chain processes. Through continuous investment in our warehouse operations and state of the art blending, filling, and extruding equipment, we ensure the best quality products are readily available for our customers and our processes and methodology are unsurpassed.
Each of our products is developed internally and subject to a rigorous “product and process” performance evaluation system. Our internal manufacturing process gives us complete control over each of our product’s technical specifications and physical, chemical, and electrical properties.
We can develop custom solutions for a variety of markets, industry sectors, and applications. Our internal research and development department is passionate about product innovation and is dedicated to developing products tailored to the specific needs of our customers. A selection of our products are UL listed, meet ASTM standards and/or are RoHS compliant.
We have most recently invested in our family of high-performance self-fusing silicone tape. By refining our manufacturing and quality control process, increasing our manufacturing capacity,and revamping our marketing and packaging formats, we can now ensure a more consistent high-quality product and faster, more reliable availability to our customers worldwide.
As part of the Astral Group of manufacturing companies, backed by Astral Poly Technik, we leverage scale, worldwide materials sourcing, and world-class development and innovation to bring you cutting-edge products at the most competitive prices.
Seal It Services has experienced significant organic growth through our passion for exceptional customer service and quality products. We are now serving customers nationwide from East and West coast locations and look forward to continuing expansion as part of a worldwide group of brands synonymous with quality, performance, and value.