What is Hybrid technology?

More than often now we hear about hybrids being the preferred choice,
whether its electric cars, communication devices, energy power sources,
or even animals. The science of combining things together has resulted in efficiently enhanced products being easily available, with proven advantages for users. In the construction industry, a hybrid is a product of two or more chemicals or materials that have been fused together, resulting in an improved product that offers the combined positive properties of the original items.
Sealants are generally manufactured using two basic substances – silicone or polyurethane. These two substances have their advantages as disadvantages. When it comes to hybrid technology, the positive properties of both chemical substances are combined, creating a more environmentally friendly alternative to traditional based products, while also enhancing their performance. Under the Pro Range, Bond It offers hybrid solutions to a wide variety of trade and DIY needs that provide the best of both worlds. At Bond It, we offer a wide range of hybrids for various applications and environments. From wood, to glass, to metals, to concrete, to polyester, and many more surfaces; Bond It has you covered for any project in mind. So, shop the Range and do it like the Pro’s!

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